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young male playing at an indoor playground

Why We Started

As parents ourselves, we believe that there is a need for play facilities that offer a wide range of play options for children other than inflatables and trampolines. Our goal was to create a play space in which children of different age groups can have fun together under one roof! There are few facilities that can meet the play needs of both a 2 year old and a 10 year old.

Introducing Hyper Kidz!

Our facility features soft foam play equipment with slow moving parts, a unique dress, and a fun theme. Hyper Kidz also has 3 to 4 party rooms to host children’s birthdays as well as special events or celebrations for groups, camps, sports teams, field trips, and organizations.

We strongly believe in the power of play and its ability to develop and enhance children’s social skills, critical and analytical thinking, problem-solving abilities, fine and gross motor skills, and social etiquette. Hyper Kidz is the perfect option to reduce screentime and encourage active and physical play.

Our bright, soft, and visually open play area ensures children’s safety, while challenging them to climb, run, think, interact, explore, chase their imaginations, and have fun. Hyper Kidz offers year-round, climate-controlled fun for children ages 0-13.

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